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What You Need To Know


Why Was This Web Site Created?

Julius Lupowitz AKA Jules Edwards AKA Eddy Lupe AKA Eddy Lupo AKA Curt Ketch AKA Joel, AKA Jeff Powell is an epoxy dealer who operates out of Florida. Lupowitz is a convicted felon who has been charged with grand larceny and scheming to scam auto body shops nationwide.

Recently he appears to have moved beyond the automotive industry and has began contacting coatings professionals as well as other types of businesses. A number of people allege to have been defrauded by Lupowitz.

This web site has been created as an informational resource about Lupowitz's history and his activities. Look over the information that has been provided here. It is here to help you decide if Julius Lupowitz is someone that you wish to do business with.

Lupowitz continues to create new personas and company names as his existing ones become public knowledge on the internet. As of 3/26/10 he recently created a new "company," Spray-Lining. As of  6/5/10 he created another "company," Safety Green Liners. As of 11/4/10 he created yet another new “company” CrystaLining. Most recently he has created so many new sites (I added almost 20 of them to this page on 3/29/12) that I’m not even calling them out individually. They are listed below.

To make things more complicated, Lupowitz has started using the names of companies that he has already victimized, adding insult to injury. Two cases in point are Fool Proof Linings and H and A Industrial Coatings. In both cases there is a legitimate business web site and a phony site. I’ve put the phony site names in parenthesis below.

Why don’t the cops take him down? It’s a mystery. Evidently many of them don’t consider white collar crime to be a priority.

Canadian citizens, please note that Lupowitz has been using phone numbers with Canadian area codes and a fraudulent Canadian address for his companies. It appears likely that he may be targeting our neighbors to the north.

Lupowitz has or does use the following business names:

  1. BulletTexliner    (texliner.com)

  2. BulletClearline    (clearline.biz)

  3. BulletSpray-Lining (spray-lining.com)

  4. BulletHammerhead

  5. BulletOcean Spray

  6. BulletMultiflex Coatings (multiflexcoatings.com)

  7. BulletHammerflex

  8. BulletStageCoat

  9. BulletFX Coatings (fxcoatings.net)

  10. BulletAlternative Linings    (alternativelinings.com)

  11. BulletSafety Green Liners (safetygreenliners.com)

  12. BulletDIY Concrete Coatings (diyconcretecoating.com/)

  13. BulletCrystaLining (crystalining.com)

  14. BulletDIY Spray On Bed Liner (diysprayonbedliner.com)

  15. BulletCreative Coatings Services (creativecoatingservices.com)

  16. BulletSouthwest Lining and Coatings (southwestliningandcoatings.com)

  17. BulletKen’s Flexible Armor (kensflexiblearmor.com)

  18. BulletCustom Lining and Coatings (customliningandcoating.com)

  19. BulletArmor Shield Coatings (northontariocoatings.com)

  20. BulletNorth Ontario Coatings (northontariocoatings.com)

  21. BulletJ & R Protective Coating (jandrprotectivecoatings.com)

  22. BulletFred’s Coating and Media Blasting (fredscoatingandmediablasting.com)

  23. BulletBen Dexter Spray Linings (diysprayinbedliners.com)

  24. BulletSpray Lining of Hawaii (spray-lininghawaii.com)

  25. BulletRobinson Media Blasting (robinsonmediablasting.com)

  26. BulletArmor-Flex Coatings (armor-flex.com)

  27. BulletHA Industrial Coatings (haindustrialcoatings.com)

  28. BulletSouthwest Industrial Coatings (diysprayonliner.com)

  29. BulletMidwest Lining and Coatings (diysprayonbedliners.com)

  30. BulletVancouver Lining and Coating (diysprayinbedliner.com)

  31. BulletEverlast Coatings (everlastcoatings.ca)

  32. BulletFool Proof Coatings (foolproofcoatings.net)

  33. BulletCoastal Lining and Coating Service (coastalliningandcoatingservice.com)

  34. BulletLining and Coatings (liningandcoatings.com, liningandcoatingsofbc.com, liningandcoatingservice.com, www.liningandcoatingsofbc.com)

If you believe that you have been a victim of a Lupowitz fraud scheme and wish to contribute your story or other information to this web site please contact us.